For Developers

From coders for coders - simple interfaces, tools and a complete documentation

We have been developing configurator projects ourselves for over ten years. We know the challenges, we know good and bad developer experiences. We have therefore developed comprehensive concepts for installation, updating and customizing. Our goal: working with configuratorware should be easy and fun. Convince yourself of the developer experience here.

Tech Stack & Architecture

Our tech stack is modern, clean and, above all, solid and compatible:

  • Backend API: PHP and Symfony
  • Database: MySQL / MariaDB
  • Frontends: React JS

Install the setup - configuratorware

The installation of configuratorware is similar to that of typical software such as Shopware, Wordpress or Typo3. We deliver practical tools such as a system requirement check and a development Docker container.
This means that you are quickly ready for use - regardless of whether you want to customize the software or simply add your products.


Good documentation is essential for simple customizing. We always deliver you up-to-date with the project. If you want to read a little in advance: Here is the link to the documentation.


configuratorware was developed with the aim of already covering many use cases out of the box. In addition, as a framework it offers the highest flexibility to implement your own adaptations or extensions. We offer multi-level concepts in order to make different levels of customizing easy:

  • Simple customizing without code: configuration in the admin area
  • Changes / extensions to the design via CSS
  • Changes / extensions to the API
  • Changes / extensions to the visualization
  • Changes / extensions to the front end (up to and including building your own front end)